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Turbines. Alternative Energy

2015-12-28 00:00:00

turbines. Alternative Energy

Wind energy has great potential. Thus, according to the calculations of meteorologists, the world stock of such energy is about 170 trillion kWh/ year. Windmills technology nowadays is so developed that totally really see how small wind generator, buy that anyone can afford, standing on private land and supplying electricity to a country house, and the whole field filled with thousands of huge hundred-meter towers, with ten-blade chain components where year-round strong winds.

wind turbines. alternative energy

Wind energy has some drawbacks that may hinder its use, but this does not detract from its main advantage - an environmentally-friendly. This energy is strongly scattered in space, so you need to create a technological installation capable of operating with high efficiency. Wind is very volatile and can suddenly fall silent, or vice versa enhanced to the extent that the wind turbine blade breaks. Although windmills and prevent flying insects and birds, create noise, distort radio waves, these shortcomings can be eliminated or completely negate the use of technology and engineering solutions of today and the future.

Now there are low-speed wind turbines. They are able to work with high efficiency even at very low wind speed. Progress blades dynamically varies with the air flow. At very high wind installation is able to protect themselves, changing the angle of attack or the orientation of the blades.

Separate type of power plants are cyclonic wind-driven power which comes to 100,000 kW/ h, which, simulating cyclone can untwist the turbine in a 15-meter tower. These settings are much more energy efficient compared with solar panels and wind turbines simple paddle.

To reduce the impact of climate variability on the stability of the wind energy production, build giant wind farms. Position them stand in rows, occupying a huge area. This approach is used in England, France and other countries. Denmark uses under a shallow area of the North Sea coast.

Of particular relevance to the technology developed in the Netherlands and Sweden, which has built over 90 thousand high-tech wind turbines 55. And Germany has brought the share of energy derived from wind, up to 10% of all its energy.

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