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In St. Petersburg will start production of solar cells
in St. Petersburg by the end of 2011 will be introduced on a pilot line development and production hyperstructural Solar Cell . Under the pilot line will be manufactured heterostructure solar cell chips and 1 MW per year.

Alternative energy in the service of maritime
Japanese company Eco Marine Power plans to develop solar energy in the system of the maritime industry. Currently, the company designs a rigid sail Solar modules called "Aquarius» The Aquarius, which will collect on board solar and wind energy.

Turbines. Alternative Energy
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GE increases the efficiency of wind turbines through the use of superconducting magnets
unit technical developments GE Global Research, the company owned by General Electric Company NYSE: GE announced the first phase of a two-year project worth $ 3 million project is carried out for the Ministry of Energy of the United States and aims to create a new generation of generator-driven Wind Turbines , which will create large-scale wind power station capacity of 10-15 MW. In wind turbines used in MRI superconducting magnets for producing large amounts of energy even at a lower cost of electricity generation.

Polysilicon production Nitol Solar tested
One of the world`s leading manufacturers of photovoltaic cells and Modules Suntech Power Holdings Company announced the completion of the final stage of acquisition of a minority stake in Nitol Solar 100 million dollars.

Railways modernize Russia`s largest stations using nanotechnology
At a recent meeting of the Scientific and Technical Council of JSC" Russian Railways "was decided to reconstruct the largest Russian stations to introduce the most modern technologies.

Tuva: the future of small hydroelectric power Kyzyl-Khaya
Tuva is preparing a feasibility study for investment in small hydropower plant in Kyzyl-Khaya Mongun kozhuun Taiga. Planned to evaluate the technological and economic feasibility of restoration, modernization and further exploitation Minor hydroelectric . Now there is a selection of the contractor that will perform the analysis.

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