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During four months of 2011, Ukraine produced 207, 868 million kWh of green electricity
In January-April 2011, the Company Renewable Energy Ukraine produced 207,868,000 kWh of electricity , which was sold to GP "Energy" by "green» tariff . According to the Association members alternative fuels and Energy APEU, "green» Generation is 0.33% of the total electricity, which was sold at the regulated tariff power generating companies in Ukraine for four months in 2011 Among the areas of renewable energy, in which the companies operate on the "green" tariff, according APEU largest volume of electricity in January-April 2011 was produced by enterprises of small hydropower 176 268.52 thousand . kWh, in second place - Ukrainian Wind Power , which is still represented by state-owned enterprises 27 009.37 thousand kWh, third place is Bienergeticheskaya industry 2503 thousand kWh.

Energy saving Russia
Russian President Dmitry Medvedev has identified five areas of innovation development in Russia during the first meeting of the commission on modernization of the Russian economy.

President of ISWA, the International Association of Solid Waste: The Ukrainian market of solid waste offers more features than other countries with economies in transition.

USA: Chicago will be the capital of electric cars
Chicago will be the center EVs . Exelon company build in about 280 charging stations for "green" cars by the end of 2011 stations will be located in shopping malls, airports in the two cities, almost every gas station on the highway Illinois and in many other places.

In Moscow will be made to modernize outdated power plants
In Moscow, substation equipment, worked out its standard lifetime is 40%. About 37% power lines in operation over 40 years. November 17, 2010. during the meeting, Mayor Sergei Sobyanin with Energy Minister Sergei Shmatko discussed program to ensure the smooth operation of the Moscow Grid , optimization Electro- and the Heating Moscow, and also creating a unified management system electric power complex of the capital.

Profitable biofuels
Biomass Burning for EVs cheaper Biofuels . The researchers argue that Bioelectricity provides a greater per unit rally corn biomass than ethanol derived from the same raw material.

Fuel cells methanol
Company PolyFuel released information that its experts have managed to create the fuel cell stack with record energy density of 500 W/ l. This figure - a definite breakthrough in the technology of converting methanol.

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