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Amazing chair stoke your gadgets while you are slacking on them
No one can not be surprised lounge chair under the sun, but it`s kind of crazy rocking chair, created by architecture students at MIT adds peppercorns! Chair called SOFT Rocker, has a 35-watt solar panel, which in turn charges the internal battery, so you can enjoy the sun`s energy from the built-in USB ports, even after sunset.

Wind power: wind turbines, wind turbines, wind energy - International Trade
company AGL Energy the largest retail supplier of electricity and gas in Australia has agreed to buy 63 Wind Turbines for U.S. $ 341 million in the Indian company Suzlon Energy for a project for the production of wind energy in South Australia.

Saving technologies in Perm
Perm is an active introduction resouce technology. In apartment buildings, at the expense of urban co-financing program, is installation of devices for heat and water.

Alternative energy as a way out of the crisis - solar power, LG, financial crisis
Company LG is looking for new growth opportunities in the global Financial Crisis , swept including Asi

International experience in the field of alternative energy
From 1 to August 7, 2009 the delegation of the Altai Territory will work in the Italian province of Bolzano Bozen. The delegation of the region - the scientists, businessmen, heads of educational institutions, representatives of the administration of the Altai Territory and the mayor Byisk.

Underwater snake generators SeaGen combine wind turbine and underwater kites »
Swedish development company RES Minesoto developed underwater " Snake generators » SeaGen , which combine a wind turbine and underwater "kites». new idea was based on using the already developed previously by underwater generators, each of which has a magnitude of the "wings" from 8 to 14 m and is provided in the fixed lower part of the turbine.

Construction Pumping station near Moscow
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